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waiting (2018)


Everyday Frederica waits. 

A day in the life of Frederica, who once led a full and content life but who now spends her days... waiting.


The second film in a trilogy of shorts exploring the themes of loneliness, old age and dementia. 

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Film Type: Short

Runtime: 11 minutes 26 seconds

Festival Premiere: January 2019

Production Budget: 3,000 GBP

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Film Language: No dialogue

Production company: Zebrafish Media

Official Selections & Screenings


London Lift-Off Online Film Festival 


London Short Film Festival 

Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 

Beeston Film Festival

CineShots, Streatham 

Women Over 50 Film Festival 

Los Angeles Lift-Off Online Film Festival 

Amsterdam Lift-Off Online Film Festival 

Paris Lift-Off Online Film Festival 

Melbourne Lift-Off Online Film Festival 


Creative Alliance - Indie Film Fete 2.0

Tulipoff International Film Festival


Frederica: Cleo Sylvestre 

Tracy: Clare Tyndall 

Catia: Rita Bernard-Shaw


Writer & Director : Anthony Hett

Cinematographer: Robbie Bryant

Producer: James Norbury 

Editor: Samuel O'Brien

Awards & Nominations

(Nominated) Best British Short Film - London Short Film Festival 

(Finalist) Melbourne Lift-Off Online Film Festival 

Only the Lonely

A trilogy of short films on the themes of loneliness, old age and dementia. 

          letters (2014)                                             waiting (2018)                                       Scrable (2019)

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waiting short.jpg
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