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Scrable (2019)


The tale of launderette owner Salif and his fear that any day now, his sole employee, 77 year old Mary, might just stop showing up. 


The third film in a trilogy of shorts exploring the themes of loneliness, old age and dementia. 



Film Type: Short

Runtime: 13 minutes 30 seconds

Festival Premiere: October 2019

Production Budget: 3,500 GBP

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Film Language: English

Production company: Zebrafish Media

Official Selections & Screenings


Birmingham Film Festival 

International Film Festival of Wales 

London Lift-Off Online Film Festival 


Copper Coast International Film Festival 

Berlin Lift-Off Online Film Festival 

Manchester Lift-Off Online Film Festival 

Cell Adore Film Festival 

Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival 

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 

Southport International Short Film Festival 

New York Lift-Off Film Festival 

Swindon Independent Film Festival 

Creative Alliance - Indie Film Fete 3.0

Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 

Beer Town Film Festival

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival

Norfolk Film Festival


The Box Film Festival 


Salif: Bhasker Patel  

Mary: Gillian Daniels 

Tracy: Clare Tyndall 

Asma: Kuran Dohil


Writer & Director: Anthony Het

Cinematographer: Robbie Bryant

Producer: James Norbury 

Editor: Samuel O'Brien

Awards & Nominations

(Winner) Best Short Film - International Film Festival of Wales

(Nominated) Best Director - International Film Festival of Wales

(Winner) Jury Prize - Cell Adore Film Festival

(Winner) Audience Award - Cell Adore Film Festival

(Nominated) Best Drama Short - Performance Short Film Competition

(Nominated) Best Short Film - Birmingham Film Festival

(Nominated) Best Male Actor - Birmingham Film Festival

(Nominated) Best Female Actor - Birmingham Film Festival

(Nominated) Best Fiction Film - Beer Town Film Festival

Only the Lonely

A trilogy of short films on the themes of loneliness, old age and dementia. 

          letters (2014)                                             waiting (2018)                                       Scrable (2019)

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