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Anthony's blog writing can be found here: 


AroundTheWorldIn80Mugs: a travel blog with a difference, based on Anthony's mission to buy a souvenir mug from 80 different places around the world, before his current passport runs out at the end of August 2020. In the last two years Anthony has visited (and written about visiting) many wondrous places including Split, Paris, Amsterdam & Bali. 


Year31Project: a lifestyle/adventure blog based around Anthony's attempt to make the 31st year of his life the best ever, by trying to do as many new things and learn as many new skills as possible. Not content with just one year jam packed with first experiences, Anthony still infrequently updates the Year31Project blog over 3 years after its inception. Adventures have included hitchhiking over 200 miles from Walthamstow to Wales, taking a show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, entering (and not coming last) in the Air-guitar UK Championships, eating jellied eels and travelling outside of Europe for the first time.


ACalmCrossing: a blog based on Anthony's (so far) failed attempt to complete a lifelong dream and swim the English Channel. Anthony has dreamt of swimming the channel every since he was 6 years of age and came close to realised his dream back in the summer of 2013 (when he had a date but was unable to find the money necessary to pay for his attempt). Unfortunately, his proposed crossing was therefore never realised and although he has no immediate plans to set up his training once again, his dream is not dead but simply lying dormant for the time being (watch this space!)


Anthony has also written guest blogs for suicide awareness charity CALM, male health website insideMAN and film website ArtTouchesArt.

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