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Anthony Hett is an award winning Welsh Writer and Director, who graduated from City, University of London, with an MA Creative Writing (Plays & Screenplays).

Anthony has written and directed a trilogy of short films 'letters', 'waiting' and 'Scrable' (known collectively as - 'Only the Lonely').

letters A poignant tale of friendship between a lonely old man (Kevin) and his equally lonely young postman (Malcolm). - was nominated for Best Short Film at the Norwich Film Festival (2015).


waitingA day in the life of Frederica, who once led a full and content life but who now spends her days... waiting. - was nominated for Best British Short Film at the London Short Film Festival (2019). 

Scrable -  The tale of launderette owner Salif and his fear that any day now, his sole employee, 77 year old Mary, might just stop showing up. - won Best Short Film at the International Film Festival of Wales (2019).  

Anthony has made two further short films, film poem When we were foxes and comedy drama Leonardo. He is working on two further short film projects Whilst Time Is Away (shooting end of August 2022) and The Lost Dog and is also in development on a feature film with the working title Home Alone.

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